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What You Should Know about Construction Liens in West Virginia

Construction projects can run into problems for various reasons. Financing may fall through, there may be a dispute about the terms of the contract, or the property owner may be Read More

What Are the Greatest Risk Factors in Trucking Accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a mission to reduce the number and severity of large truck- and bus-involved crashes through inspections, enforcement, rulemaking, and research. As part of Read More

Dispute Resolution and Insurance Litigation

It is common for insurance companies and their insured to disagree as to whether a specific insurance claim is covered under the applicable policy. A straightforward claim for coverage can Read More

Insurance Defense Involving a Common Carrier

A “common carrier” is a person or company that transports goods or people for another party and is responsible for any possible loss of the goods during transport. Common examples Read More

Busting the Myths about Manufactured Housing

Our manufactured housing practice group has seen dramatic changes in the evolution of the industry and attitudes towards it. Historically, mobile homes were of questionable quality, design and style with Read More

Jury Issues In Tobacco Litigation

With the dangers of smoking having been widely known for several decades, it is difficult to comprehend that tobacco litigation remains ongoing, with new cases continuing to arise. However, some Read More

Coal Mine Disasters: Lessons Learned

On September 13, 2012, West Virginia mineworker William Mock was killed when a section of the roof of the mine in which he was working struck him on the head. Read More

Caps on Medical Claims Continues to Court Controversy

Mistakes happen and, unfortunately, the medical profession is not immune to simple human error. Doctors and medical professionals, as well as the hospitals and institutions in which they work, are Read More

Smoke Claims Continue Despite Increased Bans

Kentucky, Virginia and Ohio are among the top ten tobacco-producing states. These states also have the highest proportion of smokers in the general population and, unsurprisingly, a high proportion of Read More

Are Flash Floods Caused by Coal Mining?

 Coal mining, timber logging and other heavy industries are prevalent in West Virginia. There is an age-old debate among environmentalists, mining companies and environmental law practices as to whether such Read More

Viewing 101 - 110 out of 126 posts


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