Education Practice Group

Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, PLLC is recognized as one of the up and coming leaders in West Virginia in educational law. Our locations in Charleston, Morgantown and Beckley allow us to provide effective legal representation to all 55 local Boards of Education and many of the higher education institutions including West Virginia University, Potomac State University, Mountain State University and Concord College.

The litigation experience Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, PLLC possesses covers the spectrum from student freedom-of-speech to sexual harassment and abuse to construction and breach of contract actions. The firm defended the nationally covered student anarchy club and freedom of speech case, Sierra v. Kanawha County Board of Education, which was broadcast on Court TV with commentary by Erik Engle, one of our Education lawyers.

Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC’s educational practice extends beyond litigation to personnel grievances as well as student and family complaints. We have experience before the West Virginia Education and State Employees’ Grievance Board.  We actively participate in special education due process claims. We also provide guidance in connection with student discipline.

The Firm’s Education Department is comprised of Erik Engle and Tracy Wiley in Charleston, Chip Williams in Beckley and Tammy DeFazio in Morgantown. This balance allows us to provide comprehensive coverage across the entire State.

As Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, PLLC is a full-service firm, our education clients also have access to the firm’s Workers’ Compensation, Employment, Construction, and Risk Management Departments.

The Firm recognizes the need to keep up to date on the ever-changing educational field.  The department’s lawyers are members of the National School Board Association’s Council of School Attorneys and the Education Law Association. Further, Erik Engle is a member of the Education Law Committee of the West Virginia State Bar.

The attorneys regularly attend national and local seminars on school and education law.  Further, our lawyers have assisted with development of the West Virginia State Board of Education’s student medication policies.  We have consulted on private transportation contracts for local Boards of Education.  We have also assisted counties with developing long term record retention plans.

We take great pride in our representation of our school clients.  We make every effort to ensure our clients’ legal needs are met in a timely and effective manner, with as little discomfort as possible.  This commitment to our clients separates Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, PLLC from other firms practicing in the education arena.

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