Asbestos Litigation Attorneys in West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio


Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe has been engaged in the defense of asbestos clients since the mid 1980s. The firm serves as national coordinating and trial counsel for Lockheed Martin Corporation and serves as local counsel for other businesses. Our defense of each client, whether a small local company in West Virginia, Ohio or Kentucky or a large multi-national corporation, focuses on aggressive litigation tactics designed to achieve the best outcome based on the unique circumstances of each case. Our team of asbestos defense lawyers dedicate the majority of the practice to mass tort litigation. We are well versed in the intricacies of each jurisdiction’s legislative mandates and local rules. Our dedicated support staff has years of mass tort experience that greatly aids our team of attorneys.


At its zenith, asbestos could be found at construction sites, industrial facilities and public buildings of all types. Even asbestos dust from automobiles posed a potential hazard to assembly line workers, mechanics and others involved in the automotive industry. Because asbestos was so widely used, many companies in all types of industries continue to face substantial liability claims from individuals who developed mesothelioma or other respiratory disease or cancers after exposure.

Asbestos has long since fallen out of favor as a construction and insulation material, yet claims of this type still materialize throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky and are likely to continue for years to come. And while the carcinogenic properties of asbestos are now well established, the end results of these claims are by no means certain. Legitimate questions still exist in every asbestos case regarding the circumstances of exposure, the extent of the illness and the causal connection between them. Our experienced mass tort attorneys at Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe understand these issues and know how to approach these cases in a manner that protects our clients from unwarranted liability while still maintaining cost-efficiency.


For companies that face a nearly endless stream of asbestos-related lawsuits, a cost-effective big-picture strategy is important. For those facing more isolated allegations of liability, a more aggressive defense may be warranted. After decades of being a leading asbestos defense law firm in West Virginia, the attorneys of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe understand how to evaluate these cases and design strategies that are appropriate to the circumstances of each case and the unique goals and resources of each client.

Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe has more than 30 years of experience in asbestos litigation

Small companies and multinational corporations throughout West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and the rest of the U.S. rely on the attorneys of Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe for effective defense against asbestos claims. Call us at 304-344-0100 or contact us online to begin a relationship with a law firm that is nationally recognized for experience and quality while remaining dedicated to its community and employees.