Charleston Lawyers Provide Effective Personal Injury Defense Representation

Serving carriers and their insureds throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky

Every injured accident victim deserves their day in court, but many claims lack merit and parties accused of negligence are also entitled to vigorous legal advocacy. At Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, our firm represents defendants in personal injury lawsuits to guard against unfounded verdicts and excessive damage awards. We have extensive experience in a wide range of personal injury cases throughout West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Since 1989, our attorneys have earned a solid reputation for client service, meticulous preparation and zealous defense. We offer skillful negotiation during settlement talks, cogent advice on litigation alternatives and innovative strategies to pursue positive results while containing costs.

Determined defense for a wide range of personal injury claims

Our firm has assisted insurance companies and their insureds in personal injury litigation for decades. We have successfully defended numerous cases arising from:

  • Auto accidents — We represent motorists accused of causing traffic accidents. When warranted, our firm consults with accident reconstruction experts to identify what actually caused a crash. In auto accident defense cases, we frequently pursue findings of shared fault to reduce the percentage of our client’s liability under the relevant comparative negligence law.
  • Truck accidents — Our firm defends trucking companies and commercial vehicle operators being sued for causing a collision. In certain cases, our attorneys assist parts manufacturers, fleet maintenance companies and other defendants facing truck accident claims.
  • Products liability — In cases where a defective product is said to have hurt someone, we litigate on behalf of designers, engineers, manufacturers, material suppliers and retail distributors.
  • Premises liability — Homeowners, businesses and governmental agencies are susceptible to various types of premises liability claims, including lawsuits stemming from slip-and-fall accidents, allegedly hidden hazards, dog bites, and falling merchandise. By investigating each matter thoroughly, we determine what potential defenses are available. Plaintiff might not recover damages if the hazard was obvious or if they were responsible for their injury.
  • Medical malpractice — Individual practitioners such as physicians, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, dentists and chiropractors retain us to counter medical malpractice claims. We also represent institutions and entities, such as hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and professional corporations and partnerships.

In all of the cases we undertake, we protect our clients’ rights by opposing invasive and excessive discovery, fighting to exclude prejudicial evidence and objecting to appeals to the jurors’ emotions.

Experience with catastrophic injury defense

Some of our insurance defense cases have involved immense exposure, including claims for catastrophic injuries and wrongful death. In such cases, juries feel great sympathy toward the plaintiff and are often predisposed towards large awards, even when the facts do not establish a causal connection to support liability. In such cases, our attorneys explore a range of options, from confidential settlements to arbitration and aggressive litigation. We develop a sound strategy that takes into account the legal standards and the factors that might affect a jury should the case go to trial.

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