Our manufactured housing practice group has seen dramatic changes in the evolution of the industry and attitudes towards it. Historically, mobile homes were of questionable quality, design and style with residents stigmatized by their choice to reside in them. The style and types of mobile homes, or manufactured housing as they are technically known, have evolved dramatically over recent years with many manufactured housing units indistinguishable from conventionally built properties.

Some myths about manufactured housing include:

  • MYTH: Mobile homes are made of poor quality, inferior materials. Since 1976, design and construction of mobile homes have been governed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), which specifies minimum requirements for manufacturers.
  • MYTH: Manufactured housing units are for people who can’t afford traditional homes. Although more affordable than traditionally constructed housing, manufactured units are increasingly a choice for families who appreciate that they can get better value for money.
  • MYTH: It is difficult to get financing for manufactured housing. In contrast to traditional housing, many lenders are happy to make loans for manufactured housing units.
  • MYTH: Manufactured housing does not increase in value. Like all property ownership, land and home values depend on many factors.

We advise manufacturers and retailers on all aspects of HUD codes and practices at every stage of the process.

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