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Raising Assumption of Risk as a Defense in Sexual Harassment Cases

A woman may accept work in a job that is known for capitalizing on the sex appeal of the employees, such as a cocktail waitress or VIP hostess at a Read More

How Third-Party Funding Can Drive Litigation

Insurance companies are often criticized for taking any opportunity they can to raise premiums while limiting payouts on claims. However, one thing that drives up the costs of these premiums Read More

Are Police Robots Covered by Municipal Qualified Immunity?

The 1987 science fiction action film RoboCop featured a super-human cyborg from the future sent on a mission to eradicate crime in Detroit. Now, more than 35 years later, technology Read More

Tracking Employees’ PCs to Monitor Work Productivity

The increasingly popular practice of employees working from home has altered what used to be tried and true supervisory methods. No longer can employers visually monitor employees to make sure Read More

Why Engage a Defense Attorney Early in a Catastrophic Injury Case

A catastrophic injury is one that results in a severe disability or significant disfigurement that is either very long term or permanent. Examples of these injuries include paralysis, loss of Read More

Key Defenses to Bad Faith Insurance Lawsuits

A lawsuit alleging bad faith exposes an insurance company to significant liability and can damage its reputation in the marketplace. In West Virginia, bad faith is a tort cause of Read More

WV Slip and Fall Cases Must Overcome the “Open and Obvious” Defense

Slip and fall accidents result in some of the most common and costly lawsuits faced by commercial property owners and managers in West Virginia. Generally, anyone in charge of a Read More

New WV Intermediate Court of Appeals Begins Operations

It isn’t every day that the structure of a state’s judicial system changes, but that happened in West Virginia on July 1, when the new Intermediate Court of Appeals (ICA) Read More

WV Court Rules Jury Can Allocate Fault to Nonparty Who Is Immune

The Supreme Court of West Virginia has clarified the meaning of a statute that limits defendants’ liability by factoring in the conduct of other people or entities that contribute to Read More

How Does the “Open and Obvious Hazard” Defense Affect Premises Liability Claims?

Premises liability cases arise when one person is injured while on another person’s property. A classic example is the slip-and-fall case. The law imposes a duty on landowners and/or occupiers Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 113 posts


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