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Manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are reasonably safe for use by the public. But while the overwhelming majority of companies strive to produce quality products that make life better for the general public, mistakes happen and harm results. When your company becomes aware of a complaint regarding the safety of your product, how you respond can make all the difference to your company's reputation, customer goodwill and your bottom line. At Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe, PLLC, we take proactive steps to limit our clients’ exposure stemming from purported manufacturing defects. We present options and assess the range of likely results, so you can choose the appropriate course of action. When that course includes defending against products liability claims, you can rely on us for aggressive representation focused on containing costs while protecting your company image.

Defending manufacturers against plaintiffs alleging negligence

Our firm has a long tradition of representing products manufacturers in West Virginia and other states in cases involving construction equipment and consumer goods and services. Some of our noteworthy cases have involved power tools, pharmaceuticals, tobacco products, paint products, dry cleaning services and mine equipment. We are adept at defending companies accused of:

  • Design defects — If the defect in a product is caused by a faulty design, parties downstream are generally not liable. For example, a construction company would not be liable for building defects if an architect or engineer has made miscalculations. This same principle holds for consumer products.
  • Manufacturing defects — Product makers can be held liable if a sound design is compromised by a flawed manufacturing process or substandard materials. A contract manufacturer or materials supplier could be held legally responsible, but the design team would likely avoid having to pay damages.
  • Labeling defects — This category covers the “failure to warn” necessary for all products that are inherently dangerous, but can be used safely when precautions are taken. Warnings about dangers are required for everything from tools to medical devices to drugs. Here, the company marketing the product is expected to publish clear, effective warnings on the product.

Unlike other types of personal injury defense cases, product liability claims often fall under the strict liability standard. This means the plaintiff does not have to prove the defendant was negligent, but only that a defect existed at the time the product was marketed, and that the defect caused the harm. For this reason, you need experienced legal counsel capable of mounting an aggressive and compelling defense.

Experience in mass tort actions and multi-district litigation

Given our location in West Virginia, we have been at the epicenter of asbestos and black lung cases for decades. Our firm serves as national coordinating counsel in asbestos cases. In addition, we represent clients with cases referred to the mass tort panel in West Virginia. We have handled nationwide mass tort product liability cases and have done extensive work in several jurisdictions. Thus, we are able to assist law firms from out of state in multidistrict litigation involving parties in West Virginia.

West Virginia is recognized as a plaintiff-friendly state for products liability litigation. Our ability to deliver successful outcomes for our clients speaks to our knowledge, skill and dedication. It’s what we call “the PF&F difference.”

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