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A devastating truck crash in 2015 involving a Kentucky truck driver has led to litigation against several defendants. Six people died when Ben Brewer drove his vehicle into traffic that had slowed down suddenly due to construction work on Interstate 75 in Ooltewah, Tennessee. Taken together, the claims add up to more than $300 million.

In addition to lawsuits filed against the driver, who also faces criminal charges, plaintiffs have sought relief from other parties in connection with the tragic crash. Claimants are seeking damages from the following parties:

  • Trucking company — Brewer was working for Cool Runnings Express of London, Kentucky at the time of the accident. He had been previously fired from a trucker job because of illegal drug use, and it is believed that he had taken methamphetamine to stay awake due to an extremely long stretch without rest.
  • Contracting business — Marten Transportation was the refrigerated truck company that contracted with Cool Runnings Express to transport cargo. The complaint charges that both companies knew that Brewer was violating commercial vehicle operation rules on required rest time.
  • Construction company — Though the work zone was marked by signs, Talley Construction Company was added as a defendant based on an allegation that the area was established at an unsafe time and location.
  • Site traffic controller — Superior Traffic Control of Nashville was responsible for setting the traffic management plan within the construction zone. They have been named as defendants even though the plan met federal standards and included warning lights and trucks.

When a serious accident occurs, it is important to remember that plaintiffs’ attorneys will seek to attach liability to any party with a remote connection to the incident. Often the biggest targets won’t be drivers or trucking companies but the businesses that are considered most likely to pay high verdicts or settlements.

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