Coal mining, timber logging and other heavy industries are prevalent in West Virginia. There is an age-old debate among environmentalists, mining companies and environmental law practices as to whether such corporations are responsible for the state’s flash floods and the damage that flooding wreaks on the surrounding environment. An environmental law practice in West Virginia can help your corporation understand the laws that apply to your industry.

West Virginia is a victim of severe weather for a variety of climatological reasons, and has experienced more than its fair share of floods and droughts over the years. In response to these natural events, the government of West Virginia has developed a flood tool for residents, businesses and planners to help cope with the issues of flooding.

Studies of the most serious incidents over the last 300 years indicate that, whatever their cause, the effect of flash flooding on homes and businesses has been devastating. Some politicians might assert that the practice of mountaintop coal mining and deforestation has exacerbated the damage caused by flash floods. As a result, mining companies have seen legislation governing their industry increase substantially over the past couple of years.

The environmental law team at Pullin, Fowler, Flanagan, Brown & Poe know that their corporate and mining clients take their environmental responsibilities seriously. They also know that as part of the community, their clients appreciate the impact that flooding and other natural disasters can cause.

A West Virginia environmental law attorney can assist our coal-mining clients in defending environmental claims and ensuring they follow best practices to limit the potential harmful effects of industrial activity. Even in instances where the damage caused by flooding has been in some way partially attributable to industrial practices of our clients, we aim to have that liability limited to the extent of the industrial involvement, and not the entirety of the environmental calamity.

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