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Caps on Medical Claims Continues to Court Controversy

Mistakes happen and, unfortunately, the medical profession is not immune to simple human error. Doctors and medical professionals, as well as the hospitals and institutions in which they work, are Read More

Smoke Claims Continue Despite Increased Bans

Kentucky, Virginia and Ohio are among the top ten tobacco-producing states. These states also have the highest proportion of smokers in the general population and, unsurprisingly, a high proportion of Read More

Are Flash Floods Caused by Coal Mining?

 Coal mining, timber logging and other heavy industries are prevalent in West Virginia. There is an age-old debate among environmentalists, mining companies and environmental law practices as to whether such Read More

Avoid Construction Defects Claims by Following the Correct Procedures

In Kentucky and West Virginia, as in many other states, the legislature has set out a specific procedure that contractors must follow to manage disputes and reduce construction defects claims, Read More

Extensive Insurance Coverage Can Still Result In Disparity

Auto insurance is a highly regulated industry. The laws and rules governing this industry vary from state to state. Some apply uniquely to West Virginia. A lack of knowledge of Read More

Attracting the Best – What to Disclose in an Employee Benefits Package

Employee benefits are often used as a means of attracting the best talent to your workforce. The more attractive the benefits package, the more likely you will distinguish yourself from Read More

Faulty Products Require Swift Recall for Damage Limitation

Even the best technical designs and safety practices are useless if the humans that operate them fail to use them properly. Nearly 3.5 million cars across America, including in West Read More

Questionable Auto Claims Continue to Rise

In an effort to reduce insurance fraud, the National Insurance Crime Bureau conducts a rolling survey of questionable claims across all mainstream insurance sectors. In a national comparison, West Virginia Read More

Will a Declaratory Judgment Clear Up your Contractual Ambiguity?

Written with every intention to avoid ambiguity, most contracts are carefully drafted using tried and tested wording so that their interpretation is clear and indisputable. However, circumstances change, and no Read More

What Impact Will Insurance Coverage Increases Have on Motorists and Their Insurers?

A group of senators recently presented a bill in the West Virginia Senate, proposing a more than 30 percent increase in minimum auto insurance coverage for vehicle owners. If the Read More

Viewing 101 - 110 out of 119 posts


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